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Hi Vrienden dienst

Service for managing & backing up your phone data

TAXI created a combination of services, called “Hi Vrienden dienst”, offering clients the ability to backup and manage all their contacts, text messages and media files online.

The introduction of these services resulted in an increase of brand-loyalty and lower churn figures among Hi clients.

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  • Protest_01_960
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  • Facebook page


Website and social channels

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The philosophy of Dutch boardwear brand Protest is helping people “to get there”. This though had to be made visible in all online communication. At TAXI we built a website and helped the client to get their social channels lined up. The multilingual website features not only the collection, but also Protest events, videos, a blog etc.

  • AXE hair advisors

AXE: Hair advisors

Online campaign

TAXI created a campaign to generate awareness around the European launch of AXE shampoos and styling products. The campaign included a Facebook app that enabled young men to let a friend know he has a “hair problem”.

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  • Knab homepage
  • Knab betaalrekening
  • Waarom knab?

Knab: Niet zomaar een bank

Website and digital launch campaign

A new online bank that offers smart tools to help managing your money in a more efficient and easy way. The bank has a strong focus on transparency and innovation.

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  • TIGI Professional

TIGI Haircare

Online brand architecture & channel approach

TIGI is a global haircare company owned by Unilever, communicating through  a number of consumer brands including Bed Head and Hair Reborn. At TAXI I was responsible for the strategy on the rollout and optimization of all TIGI brands in the digital space.

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  • Video_overzicht_960


Campaign: My Converse Century

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Converse was joined by Foot Locker in celebrating its 100 year anniversary. TAXI developed a pan-european website to support the My Converse Century campaign.

  • MonkeyMurderMystery_LowRes_01Title
  • MonkeyMurderMystery_LowRes_02Promotie
  • MonkeyMurderMystery_LowRes_03TV
  • MonkeyMurderMystery_LowRes_04Website
  • MonkeyMurderMystery_LowRes_05Game

Hi: Monkey Murder Mystery

Campaign & real life mobile assassin game

A campaign (2006) based on a classic assassin game called Gotcha. Players try to eliminate each other from the game by using their phone in an effort to become the last surviving player.

Idea: Players in four big cities had to complete assignments to get information and location of their opponent. The opponent could be eliminated by finding him/her and ‘shooting’ a picture of this person. The last 4 people to survive made it to the grant final.

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  • KPN: Site on iPad
  • KPN - Homepage
  • KPN - Choose a phone
  • KPN - Choose your plan

KPN: Leasen, laden, lossen

Campaign site

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Dutch telecom provider KPN changed their mobile subscription plans by introducing phone lease. With this campaign we focussed on showing the flexibility, as users are now able to up- and downgrade whenever they want.